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The Best Real Estate Broker in Atlanta: Virtual Properties Realty

VPR Agents LOVE being a part of the Virtual Properties Realty Family. Watch the video to hear what agents have to say!




“Sixteen years as high volume Re/Max Agents made moving to another company a very difficult decision.  Now, after almost two years with Virtual Properties Realty, we wish we had made the move years ago.  The hefty fees we paid our Re/Max Broker ate into our marketing budget; and agents who were anxious to join our Team were handicapped to do so because of the restrictive Re/Max fees.  Now, we have the ability to channel money into OUR marketing, instead of our Brokers, and we have a waiting list of agents wanting to join our Team.  In less than two years our Team has more than doubled in size and we continue to grow! Combine this with knowledgeable and responsive (24/7) brokers, and the free training programs available almost daily… it’s simply the BEST!“

Fran Epling, ABR  ASR and Jamie Mertz 
Associate Brokers, ABR, ASR, CBR
Life Time Member Million Dollar Club
Elite Club Members (2007))
Voted Best of Gwinnett (2007)
Voted Communities top 100 (past 4 years)
Formerly with Re/Max



“I LOVE Virtual Properties because their working environment is so friendly and supportive – from the staff, co-workers, to the managers and even the owners.  They also offer so much training too!  I can feel the energy everywhere within Virtual Properties!  Thank you!”

Ray Zhang
Elite Club Member (2007)
Newly licensed (2007)


“What I most appreciate about Virtual Properties is their amazing managing brokers and all of the support they offer to their agents, 24/7.”

Kim Vickery
Life member Million Dollar Club
Elite Club Member (2007)
Formerly with Keller Williams


“What I appreciate most about working with Virtual Properties is that they allow me to use my creative resources to work and reach out towards my full potential I do not feel as if I have been held back but allowed to reach forward.“

Thia Green
Elite Club Member (2007)
Formerly with Metro Brokers

“Virtual Properties Realty is the best overall real estate company out there because of their broker support, superior agent training classes and low fees that allow agent to keep most of their commissions. It’s no wonder that Virtual Properties is able to attract high level agents from all over and keep them.  I am thrilled to be a part of this outstanding company.”

Claudia Stipe
Life member Million Dollar Club
Elite Club Member (2007)
Licensed with VPR for 6 years


“What initially attracted me to Virtual Properties Realty was the caliber of people associated with the company.  Steve and Karen are such warm and caring individuals and they continue to prove that by continuously developing their company and offerings which cater to the different needs of agents in this ever changing industry.  The SUPPORT that Virtual Properties offers is unsurpassed.  The office staff is truly genuine and supportive and Managing Broker Angie Mezza is a Dynamic part of this team; her never ending wealth of knowledge is an incredible resource for all of us!  With Virtual Properties I get: Value & Prioritized Support!”

Melissa White
MDC/Elite REALTOR® Society


“Licensed as a Broker in 3 states since 1983 and an 18 year veteran of Re/Max, what I most appreciate about Virtual Properties Realty is the warm, friendly atmosphere, the 24/7 support and the many educational opportunities provided.”

Gail Hurrell
Associate Broker ABR,CRS
Formerly with Re/Max
Elite Club Member (2007)


“What I most appreciate about Virtual Properties Realty is the support from the company owners. There’s always broker support at my finger tips. They are always encouraging their agents to reach for the sky. “

Jemise Jordan
Million Dollar Club
MDC/Elite REALTOR® Society


“I’m at Virtual Properties because the owners are flexible and accept new ideas with enthusiasm.  The market today is such that those who “think outside the box” may well be rewarded with more business this year.  Virtual Properties offers the opportunity for the exploration of new marketing concepts as well as strong support for teams.  The real estate market is changing and Virtual Properties is evolving to take advantage of those changes as well as providing superior agent support!  And, by the way . . . the agents are the most supportive of each other that I have experienced since coming into this business.”

John Morrison, e-Pro®
Associate Broker
Formerly with ReMax


“Five years ago, I chose Virtual Properties Realty because I wanted to feel appreciated. I didn’t want to be just a number or a statistic; I wanted to feel part of a family of great people who care about me, their agent.  If you like personal contact, Virtual Properties is the place to be.” 

Karen Shrewsbury, ABR, e-PRO, GRI, PIC
Formerly with Yellow Brick Road Properties
Lifetime Member Million Dollar Club

MDC/Elite REALTOR® Society

“What excites me about Virtual Properties Realty is they’re always looking for the next challenge, looking for features that directly benefit their agents.  It’s always about us, about how we can provide better service to our clients, not about making that extra dollar.”

Martha Bullock
MDC/Elite REALTOR® Society
Formerly with Keller Williams


“I chose Virtual Properties because they offered a great compensation package, better than any other company out there!“

Andrew Beccan
Elite Club member (2007)
Formerly with Keller Williams


“Virtual Properties Realty has provided me with world-class technology, tools, training, facilities and support which have greatly enhanced my ability to establish and maintain a stable real estate career. This phenomenal company has proven to be genuinely interested in my success. I am very pleased to be connected to such a winning team!  I have been licensed for eighteen months and I give thank to God because Virtual Properties Realty exists.”

Naiverh Castelao
MDC/Elite REALTOR® Society


“Virtual Properties Realty is a wonderful place to work. The agents and owners are always willing to assist you . . . Plus we have a lot of fun! ! !”

Hattie Stanci
MDC/Elite REALTOR® Society


“Virtual Properties Realty offers me unlimited growth potential! “

George Ridgway
MDC/Elite REALTOR® Society


“I choose to work with Virtual Properties, because it keeps me up to date and makes me more and more knowledgeable about real estate also their brokerage support is awesome and not to mention the kindness in everyone that belongs to our company. I am really happy to be a VPR agent.” 

Marcela Perez
Elite Club Member (2007)
Formerly with Coldwell Banker


“Why I like V-P: Perhaps the biggest reason is the open, progressive, free thinking (no blinders) working environment. Training is right on target. I haven’t seen a training topic or real estate issue yet that either Karen or Steve hasn’t already thought about or prepared a response to. Meetings are informative and fun and are on timely and important material. There is a true feeling of caring and support. You know they are there if you really need them. There is no striving for teamwork, It’s already there. The agents share ideas. They are competitive as a group, not competitive with each other. Everyone is eager for success. Last, but not least, our signs are neat! “

Gary Hays
(formerly with Homestead Realty)

“I like Virtual Properties because it really gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. You don’t have all of the overhead that you get with the bigger companies. I like the feeling of belonging to a family. Not just someone that I work for. I love the fact that if I have a question or problem, I can contact my brokers without having to go through some assistant or having to wait 3 days to hear from someone. But best of all, the office fees and commission split you can’t find anywhere else.”

Alisa Minor
(formerly with Metro Brokers)


“The management of Virtual properties makes a sincere effort to help their agents, rather new to business or not… to be successful. They are knowledgeable, approachable, accessible and open to suggestions. Virtual Properties also has the best commission program in town.”

Ella Robinson
(formerly with Metro Brokers)


“I love Virtual Properties because of the brokers (Karen & Steve). They always respond quickly to our needs and questions. I don’t know how they are able to give that level of service and support to their agents. They go out of their way to treat their agents fairly, and are there to build our spirits and knowledge in down times; during good times, they are equally quick to give that pat on the back to inspire confidence. Those guys are great and I really appreciate and enjoy working with them!”

Claudia Stipe
(newly licensed agent)


“What intrigued me the most about Virtual Properties and ultimately helped in my decision to transfer my license are their monthly fees, ongoing training and commission structure. Franchise fees and other incidentals are not eating up my commission, for the first time. Now, I actually feel as though I am in business for myself. You won’t find another Realty company like it.”

Paulette Butler
(formerly with ERA)


“Virtual Properties is the BEST! It is a company that gives you the tools you need to know how to get started, then furnishes you as many leads as you can handle, then continues with the education to keep you going. Not only that, our owners are always honest and ready to lend a helping hand no matter how many times you call! Thank you Virtual Properties for giving me a new lease on life!”

Peggy Stimak
(formerly with Bob Wood)


“As a person who has been in the organization a short time, the things that impress me the most are: 1. The commission split is excellent; 2. Training is available to help those that need it; 3. The owners care about the people in the organization and want them to do well.”

Ralph Willey
(formerly a New Homes Community agent)


“I am thrilled to be with Virtual Properties for the following reasons: Broker & staff has a true sense of urgency to my questions and get back to me asap; and the continuing education and updated information are the best in the industry. We need to be on the cutting edge of technology & knowledge. Both are furnished willingly by VP.”

Marti Straub
(formerly with Bob Wood & ReMax)

“Why I like Virtual Properties? Because it makes me feel I am home. My home is very far from here, about 8 hours flight non stop to Argentina, but Karen and Steve make me feel I am home. Karen is like a mother to me. She is always there when there is a question to be asked, when I am not sure about something. She even came to a closing with me because of some problems with the listing agent. I really appreciate that. I was working with another company before, my first real estate experience, and I was feeling really disappointed about the real estate world until I started working for Karen and Steve. They are quality people. They are always there when you need them and they treat you like an equal. I would recommend Virtual Properties to any fresh out of school agent, because of all the human support. And I would also recommend Virtual Properties to any experienced agent because of the high grade of professionalism and advanced technology. Thanks Karen, Steve and Donna (who I have not met yet). I really like you guys a lot!!!!!!!!”

Karen Lickay
(formerly with Yellow Brick Road Properties)


“Virtual Properties is a great place to work because Karen and Steve really care about their agents and make you feel like you are part of a family. They are committed to keeping the company on the cutting edge of technology and provide excellent training. Plus, Virtual Properties offers their agents one of the highest commission splits in the business so an agent can make a good living if they are willing to work.”

Joe Mason
(formerly with Exit Realty)


“I think Virtual Properties is a good company to work for. The brokers are there whenever you need them. The training programs are very helpful, and Virtual Properties is just like a family. I would recommend agents to come and get on board as it is just a good company to be a part of. I’m not planning on going anywhere in the near future!”

Betty Wilson
(formerly with Ascot Realty)


“I like the flexibility at Virtual Properties, it allows me to work at my own schedule and pace. I like the support provided by its brokers to the agents, I can always get answers to my questions quickly from the broker. I like the low fee at Virtual Properties, it gives agents the maximum profit.”

Lily Wang
(formerly with ReMax)


“Virtual Properties Promotes Comradery Among All Their Agents And Staff…..Anytime I Need Help Or A Favor From Anyone Of Our Agents, Staff, Or Brokers ….It’s Just A Phone Call Or E-mail Away!!!! Without Hesitation I Get A Quick Response…..As A “Rookie” With Our Company, That’s What Matters!!!!!!!”

Amelia Barber
(newly licensed agent)


“Virtual Properties has given me the freedom to develop my own business with minimal monthly fees and an aggressive commission structure! They also provide me with all of the support I need, when I need it. This is just the kind of working environment that I was searching for!”

Graham MacDonald
(formerly with Re/Max)


“I really like/love Virtual Properties because of the people who work there, the brokers, support staff and moving throughout the company. We are a group of positive, upbeat agents who are building our individual business organizations or pairing up with a partner. We offer constructive feedback and support to each other, and are guided by the leadership of our knowledgeable Brokers.”

Kim Bechert
(newly licensed agent)

“The reason I joined Virtual Properties is because of the cutting edge technology. One of my main reasons for joining the company is that the brokers will allow their agents to become CEO’s of their business and recognize that agents are independent contractors.”

Annette Jordan
(formerly with Coldwell Banker)