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Earn Residual Income

The Ambassador Program

Earn Residual Income!

The VPR Ambassador Program compensates it’s agents for helping to make the organization better and more profitable. The VPR Ambassador Program is a tremendous win for the company, existing VPR agents, as well as for the newly recruited agent. Additionally, the VPR Ambassador Program can also bring about tremendous company SYNERGY…a trait all too often absent in a Real Estate office environment.

A common problem for large franchises, who offer profit sharing, is they make their plan so complex and unpredictable that no one knows when (or if) a profit will be made in the first place. Furthermore, if a “profit” is realized, it becomes even more impossible for an agent to estimate how much their dividend will be.

One thing is for sure… All National FRANCHISE models seem to have a common characteristic. They strategically seek to take care of the franchisor first, then take care of office expenses second, then provide the office owner/s a profit third, then, finally, they get to their agents last. All too often the agent is left to survive off whatever “crumbs” remain – if crumbs remain at all. In the business world the word “Profit” is the most positive and uplifting word that can be uttered. In the agent compensation world “profit” simply means “what’s left over for you, the agent, after everyone else has had their share.”

With the VPR Ambassador Program…the agent comes FIRST, not last. The innovative VPR Ambassador Program is simple, straightforward, predictable, and calculable. It is a commission sharing plan, not a profit sharing plan. The difference is substantial. No royalty or franchise fees, no business expenses removed, no owners expenses are deducted. With the VPR Ambassador Program, agents get a bonus income stream of passive, residual income that can stay with an agent into retirement.

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