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VPR Accomplishments

“Sixteen years as high volume Re/Max Agents made moving to another company a very difficult decision. Now, after almost two years with Virtual Properties Realty, we wish we had made the move years ago. The hefty fees we paid our Re/Max Broker ate into our marketing budget; and agents who were anxious to join our Team were handicapped to do so because of the restrictive Re/Max fees. Now, we have the ability to channel money into OUR marketing, instead of our Brokers, and we have a waiting list of agents wanting to join our Team. In less than two years our Team has more than doubled in size and we continue to grow! Combine this with knowledgeable and responsive (24/7) brokers, and the free training programs available almost daily… it’s simply the BEST!“
- Fran Epling, ABR ASR and Jamie Mertz
“Why I like V-P: Perhaps the biggest reason is the open, progressive, free thinking (no blinders) working environment. Training is right on target. I haven’t seen a training topic or real estate issue yet that either Karen or Steve hasn’t already thought about or prepared a response to. Meetings are informative and fun and are on timely and important material. There is a true feeling of caring and support. You know they are there if you really need them. There is no striving for teamwork, It’s already there. The agents share ideas. They are competitive as a group, not competitive with each other. Everyone is eager for success. Last, but not least, our signs are neat! “
- Gary Hays
“I LOVE Virtual Properties because their working environment is so friendly and supportive – from the staff, co-workers, to the managers and even the owners. They also offer so much training too! I can feel the energy everywhere within Virtual Properties! Thank you!”
- Ray Zhang
“I like Virtual Properties because it really gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. You don’t have all of the overhead that you get with the bigger companies. I like the feeling of belonging to a family. Not just someone that I work for. I love the fact that if I have a question or problem, I can contact my brokers without having to go through some assistant or having to wait 3 days to hear from someone. But best of all, the office fees and commission split you can’t find anywhere else.”
- Alisa Minor
“What I most appreciate about Virtual Properties is their amazing managing brokers and all of the support they offer to their agents, 24/7.”
- Kim Vickery
“The management of Virtual properties makes a sincere effort to help their agents, rather new to business or not… to be successful. They are knowledgeable, approachable, accessible and open to suggestions. Virtual Properties also has the best commission program in town.”
- Ella Robinson
“What I appreciate most about working with Virtual Properties is that they allow me to use my creative resources to work and reach out towards my full potential I do not feel as if I have been held back but allowed to reach forward.“
- Thia Green
“I love Virtual Properties because of the brokers (Karen & Steve). They always respond quickly to our needs and questions. I don’t know how they are able to give that level of service and support to their agents. They go out of their way to treat their agents fairly, and are there to build our spirits and knowledge in down times; during good times, they are equally quick to give that pat on the back to inspire confidence. Those guys are great and I really appreciate and enjoy working with them!”
- Claudia Stipe
“Virtual Properties Realty is the best overall real estate company out there because of their broker support, superior agent training classes and low fees that allow agent to keep most of their commissions. It’s no wonder that Virtual Properties is able to attract high level agents from all over and keep them. I am thrilled to be a part of this outstanding company.”
- Claudia Stipe
“What intrigued me the most about Virtual Properties and ultimately helped in my decision to transfer my license are their monthly fees, ongoing training and commission structure. Franchise fees and other incidentals are not eating up my commission, for the first time. Now, I actually feel as though I am in business for myself. You won’t find another Realty company like it.”
- Paulette Butler
Press Releases
Virtual Properties Realty Names Jamie Mertz Chief Operating Officer

October 1st, 2016 – Virtual Properties Realty announced that Jamie Mertz has been named the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the company effective immediately. Ms. Mertz will assume leadership and oversight responsibilities over all the brokers, staff and company operations. Ms. Mertz received her B.S. in finance from the University of South Florida, and is

NAMAR Million Dollar Club Awards Banquet.

Press Release 3-15-17 On March 11th the North East Metro Atlanta board of REALTORS (NAMAR) held their annual Million Dollar Club Awards Banquet at the exquisite down town Atlanta Ritz Carlton Hotel. Virtual Properties had over 100 Virtual Properties Realty agents present at the event. This year was extremely exciting because 75 VPR agents were

VPR Spotlight

On June 24th 2017, the VPR spotlight was shining brightly on VPR agent Shannon Stephens who for many years has spear headed the annual Mitch Farmer June Jam charity concert event in Gainesville GA. This year marked the 10th year anniversary of this event. Those who bought tickets and were sponsors helped raise money for