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Two Great Names Unite

Happy Holiday Season VPR Family,

Karen, Jamie, and I have some extremely exciting news to share with you. We wish we could convey this message in person but gathering 3700+ people during the current pandemic is obviously an impossible task.

Once again VPR will be making National News in the coming weeks. Only this time, the articles will be centered around VPR’s immensely optimistic FUTURE rather than accolades of VPR’s past. We wanted you to hear the great news from us first. This announcement truly is a Holiday & New Year’s Gift for VPR Agents, Staff, Clients, and Affiliates. The quest of bringing you dramatically expanded opportunities, resources, and tools never leaves our hearts and minds. Getting to the point…

Breaking News: VPR has formed an alliance with another cutting edge, rapidly growing Real Estate Organization based out of Dallas, Texas & Kansas City Missouri. Their name is United Real Estate. Once you get to know this amazing company (and people) you will soon discover why Karen, Jamie, and I felt this was a PERFECT FIT. In essence, two great names have joined to form one elite International Real Estate Company. And to be clear, VPR will continue with the VPR brand name but will be empowered by the United Real Estate family of companies.

VPR moves onward into 2021 and beyond with the same name, same leadership, same staff, same offices, same vision, same splits & fees, and the same culture! Any change you might notice will either be an addition or an upgrade. Basically, it will be “business as usual” but suddenly VPR carries the status of an INTERNATIONAL organization (4 continents) as well as having offices in almost every state in America. This alliance not only provides VPR financial security to endure the tough times but it also helps immensely with expansion, product upgrades and additions. VPR Agents… this is a GAME CHANGER for both you and your clients!

In the weeks and months to come we will be adding more tools/tech, and more resources, to our already impressive benefits package. Our plan is to deploy/launch at least ONE NEW BENEFIT per month in 2021 and beyond. Said benefit/s to be revealed at each (and every) monthly corporate event throughout 2021. Please understand, getting all these new tools and resources to you is not a flip of a switch. We ask for your PATIENCE. Great things come to those with patience! 😊

VPR leadership has created a website to provide you with additional details about this groundbreaking Alliance. This is truly an arrangement with ZERO DOWNSIDES, but with numerous beneficial upsides. Suffice it to say VPR’s competitors are not going to be happy about this union. I truly would not want to compete against this new and improved International VPR! Please utilize the below links in order to get to know our new partner “United”. The below links will also provide a sneak peek into all the empowerment that will be coming your way throughout 2021 and beyond. This is just an introductory announcement. More information is forthcoming.

Happy Holidays & God Bless You All!

Steve Wagner
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