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Karen Lickay

“Why I like Virtual Properties? Because it makes me feel I am home. My home is very far from here, about 8 hours flight non stop to Argentina, but Karen and Steve make me feel I am home. Karen is like a mother to me. She is always there when there is a question to be asked, when I am not sure about something. She even came to a closing with me because of some problems with the listing agent. I really appreciate that. I was working with another company before, my first real estate experience, and I was feeling really disappointed about the real estate world until I started working for Karen and Steve. They are quality people. They are always there when you need them and they treat you like an equal. I would recommend Virtual Properties to any fresh out of school agent, because of all the human support. And I would also recommend Virtual Properties to any experienced agent because of the high grade of professionalism and advanced technology. Thanks Karen, Steve and Donna (who I have not met yet). I really like you guys a lot!!!!!!!!”